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Pottery boats $45.00



Pottery is unique. No two pieces are identical. Select color and style, if we don't have one we will make it for you. May take 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Boats range from 14 to 17 inches. Some are wider than others. (45.00) 

Each boat is unique and no two are exactly alike. The boats come with a small bowl for dipping sauces.

Uses: vegetables and dips, fruits and dips, nachos and cheese with salsa, breads and oil dips.

To add some pottery elegance to your home you can add potpourri and candles.  Great for holiday cheer!

Sizes, shapes and colors may vary. Our stoneware is microwaveable,  lead free, and oven safe.  We recommend placing in a cool oven and baking at 350 degrees.

Limited supply, may take 4-6 weeks for delivery. Call for availability 609 314-0463